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Alternative Lending Solutions

Commercial lending and investment property mortgage specialists Manatee Mortgage Consultants “MMC”, strives to make sure our clients’ money and time is well spent. Manatee Mortgage Consulting nurtures solid relationships with numerous lenders and will immediately match clients up with the best lender based on their needs.


Manatee Mortgage Commercial Lending Specialists, Manatee, Florida

Commercial Loan Products

Manatee Mortgage Consultants “MMC” is a nationwide Alt-A non-conforming consultant arranging:

Commercial Real Estate Loans
Bridge Loans

Subprime Loans
Easy Documentation Business Term Loans
Lines of Credit
Short Term Financing
Hard to Place SBA Financing

MMC provides custom tailored financing solutions, excellent service and competitive terms.

Our Commercial Lending Expertise


Local and Global Resources

We have resources with local lenders/equity partners as well as access to nationwide and global resources. We work closely with numerous Business Brokers on national and international levels and employ services of several prominent immigration attorneys and their firms to help US companies raise necessary funds as well as help foreign nationals to establish businesses in the United States and bring new talent to the country.

Non-Profits and HUD

We also help many religious and non-profit organizations to get financing for their needs. We find HUD resources for new construction and rehabilitation of apartment complexes and Senior Living Facilities.

Expedited Service

We work to expedite and fund your SBA loans in less time than banks and other financial institutions. Whatever your needs might be, we will guide you through the process and be there for you every step of the way!

Cost Segregation Studies

Cost Segregation will accelerate the depreciation of your building by identifying items that should be properly classified as Tangible Personal Property or Land Improvements, rather than Real Property that is depreciated over 39 years (or 27.5 for Residential Rental).

By accelerating the depreciation over 5, 7, and 15 years, you can significantly decrease your current tax liabilities and increase your cash flow.

We go the extra mile for our clients by providing detail for both the short life AND long life building components.

This provides two benefits:

  • One, it allows for the reconciliation of all project costs, as required by the IRS.
  • Two, it allows our clients the ability to track and retire short and long life building components that are removed or replaced.

Your tax benefits will begin in the first tax year and continue throughout the depreciable life of the identified assets.


We Go the Extra Mile for Our Clients Every Day.

When others say, "No," we'll find you a "YES!"

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